Version 2

Welcome to version 2


SCRL is a community of artists who live outside a single box. We believe in going beyond status quo and always seek to improve.  

We’ve enhanced SCRL to include the most-requested features by our users. We’re excited to release our newest edition of SCRL for our imaginative users.


Integration with Unsplash

SCRL users can now search Unsplash’s professional stock photos for their SCRL Instagram collage. With over 300,000 high-resolution photos, SCRL users can push their Instagram branding and generate more social engagement. Follow these steps to start using Unsplash within SCRL:

1. Click + to add new photo

2. Select Stock

3. Search for your image and select

4. After previewing, click the checkmark.




Add Text

SCRL users can now add text to their layout. Choose between four fonts and 14 color styles.





More Frames

SCRL artists can add more frames to their Instagram carousel post. If you’d like a shorter Instagram collage, you can choose a single frame. If you’d like to expand your panoramic visual story beyond the 3 original frames, you can choose up to 6 frames by clicking the + button. To remove frames, simply click the button.  


Just as before, when opening the Instagram app, select all the slides that are part of your photographic stories.






Based off our users’ feedback from layouts getting disjointed when selecting a photo to stack, we’ve updated the layer feature within SCRL. Users can now easily stack photos and lock them into place. Tapping the layer button at the bottom of the screen unlocks the photo to move it throughout the canvas. 




Rotate Images and Text

We realized our users like things different. Because of that, we added the ability to rotate your text and images. Select the photo and rotate with your fingers.



More Background Colors

SCRL users now have more background colors to inspire unique moods in their photographic stories.



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