Version 3

Welcome to version 2


SCRL is a community of artists who live outside a single box. We believe in going beyond status quo and always seek to improve.  

We’ve enhanced SCRL to include the most-requested features by our users. We’re excited to release our newest edition of SCRL for our imaginative users.


Change Canvas Size

SCRL users can now change their canvas size to landscape, square, portrait, or stories.



You can now create SCRL for stories and upload to Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.



Introducing Video Canvas

Now you can save your canvas as video — Create your SCRL as you normally would by adding images and text to tell your story then export your canvas as an animated video.  



New UI + Menu

SCRL refreshed its UI and colors for a better user experience.


To experience the new SCRL, update the app now on iOS.

Join our community #scrlgallery and tag us to be featured.

Alex FloresIntroducing