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SCRL Blog Post #1 


With the desire to do more and be more in a picture-driven world, SCRL was launched in October 2017 in Chicago. From our community of small businesses, photographers, music artists, and fashionistas, SCRL expanded from recognized artists taking their Instagrams to a whole new level of seamless multi-photos and panoramic collages.

Since the launch, our app has attracted like-minded artists all over the world. To continue to grow our community, we are launching Version 2 of SCRL in the near future. The newest version of SCRL will have innovative features and updates, giving our users an experience between their images and their Instagram collage.

We also plan to launch, Journal, a blog dedicated to teaching our users how to create different styles of Instagram layouts using SCRL. Tips covering design principles and foundations like color theory, typography, contrast, and of course, layouts to help you engage your audience through your unique visual stories.

Journal will also showcase artist interviews called “Art Talks.” Our community is rich with creative individuals and we want to learn about their imaginative methods, their work, and the culture that inspires the art they create. We think this will expand our artistic community and provide some inspiration for those of us looking for it. If you have inspiration to spread, and would like to be featured on Art Talks, send us a DM. 

We’ll also announce our new product features within Journal. Visual animations of the features within posts will show you just how easily SCRL works. We believe our community will get more out of SCRL learning about the latest editions to our app and how best to utilize the features for your personal and business adventures.


We couldn’t have made SCRL as successful as it is without a circle of artists like @soltanshahr, @estevansta, @lissyptx, and @john.marq who frequently teach us more about our app than we would learn alone.

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